Gambaran Pengetahuan dan Kepatuhan Konsumsi Tablet Fe pada Wanita di Kecamatan Kaliwates, Jember.

  • Ulfia Fitriani Nafista Universitas dr. Soebandi
  • Lailil Fatkuriyah Universitas dr. Soebandi
  • Ainul Hidayati Universitas dr. Soebandi
  • Umi Sukowati Universitas dr. Soebandi
Keywords: Fe Tablet, Fe Consumption, Knowledge, Teenager


Fe consumption in adolescent women belonging to the childbearing age group has an important role in improving the quality of adolescent health. By consuming Fe it will reduce the risk of anemia in women. Anemia in women can cause complications in adolescent health such as decreased quality of work and study, decreased immunity. If anemia continues until the woman becomes pregnant, it can increase the risk of complications in the baby and mother, such as postpartum bleeding and the birth of a baby with low birth weight and premature. Therefore, researchers want to examine the knowledge and consumption of Fe tablets in the Kaliwates area in Jember Regency. The study is a descriptive study to see a picture of adolescent knowledge about Fe tablet consumption with a crossectional survey approach. The population of this study is adolescent girls in Kaliwates area in Jember Regency, data collection will be carried out in May 2024. The sample calculation in this study using g-power obtained the results of 47 samples with a drop out of 10% so that the total sample in this study was 52 people. The sampling technique of this study used a sampling quota. Data collection is carried out using google forms that are distributed randomly until the quota is met. From the study, it was found that most respondents had less knowledge, and did not consume Fe tablets appropriately. Only 15.4% of respondents took Fe tablets appropriately. At least 27 people or 51.9% of them did not take Fe tablets. This shows the low knowledge and consumption of fe tablets for adolescent women in Kaliwates area in Jember Regency.